The most popular activities in Hawaii

Hawaii is beautiful, and a place packed with activity. Especially water sports, fun in Hawaii extends to scuba diving, local cuisines, volcanoes, and more. Play a game of golf or visit Lolani Palace. Go bird watching to see some very beautiful species or search for seashells you can take home with you as souvenirs. A resident or visitor can fish, snorkel, hike or surf to their leisure. The lists of activities are phenomenal.

Surfing Waves on Oahu:

Movies have captured the waves of Hawaii. Competitions are set up in this island paradise, inviting all willing to try to ride the waves of Hawaii. The north shore of Oahu is known for huge waves. These winter waves bring the strongest surfers from around the globe to this legendary surfer’s paradise.

Visit Volcano National Park

hawaii-volcanoes-national-park-keeping-an-eye-on-kilaueas-eruptions-6102008-22648The island of Hawaii was formed from volcanic activity. Over the centuries, the state has evolved into the magnificent land mass it is today. However, volcanic activity is still creating new land and is seen by thousands of visitors and residents of Hawaii every year in Volcano National Park.


Hike your way through the beautiful costal scenery of Na Pali. The pacific island is considered the most beautiful place in the world, and there is no better way to see any landscape than actually walking it. The shoreline, the mountains, the land developed from volcanic reactions is a wonder to behold. The land under your feet will help you understand the grandeur of this amazing landscape.

Scuba Diving:

Hawaii scuba diving is a hobby for some and a lifestyle for others. If this is a passion or a new experience, Hawaii is the place to go. Maui is popular but Kona has less traffic. Search for objects, a need for encounters with fish and other interesting sea creatures is satisfied in the waters off the coast of Hawaii. Try DIY shore diving, or work with some of hawaii’s best professional divers.


The ocean is a world within a world. Snorkeling in Hawaii is unique with some water only waist deep.Hanauma_Bay_1 The eco-system is so well protected it is virtually unchanged from centuries past. Take advantage of these warm, clear water. This is a wonderful place to see coral and other undersea life in its natural state. Hanauma Bay, a primary snorkeling spot and nature preserve, Tunnel Beach and Molokini are a few of the top places for snorkeling.

Lolani Palace:

Visit the beautiful Lolani Palace. A home fit for this island princess. Located on the island, it is the treasure of the area, and a stunning representation of the islands history. Long before this island became a state, its culture provide an historical ruler ship. This palace is a reminder.